How Long Do Full Mouth Implants Last

Full mouth dental implant treatment is one of the best solutions for long-term tooth replacement. However, the treatment can be a big investment, both financially and of time. A common question patients have when they are considering full mouth implant treatment is how long should they expect the dental implant treatment to last? Below is more information on the full mouth implant treatment and details on how long you can expect the treatment to last.

What is a Full Mouth Implant Treatment?

A full mouth implant treatment offers a tooth replacement option that restores the appearance, comfort and function of the entire mouth. An important part of this treatment option are the dental implants. Because of the many benefits they offer, implants have become the standard tooth-replacement option. Implants provide sufficient support for crowns, bridges, and other restorations.

In general, a full mouth treatment typically includes:
* Multiple planning appointments and oral health assessments
* Surgeries to place the dental implants in the upper and lower jaws
* Designing and building a restoration, such as a bridge or full dentures
* An appointment to attach the new restoration

Life Expectancy Of Dental Implants

There are a number of factors that can impact how long implant dental implants and the full mouth treatment restoration will last, including:

* The patient's dental hygiene and lifestyle: proper daily brushing and flossing are vitally important to maintaining a dental implant. Additionally, lifestyle factors such as chewing on candy, ice, or plastic (like pen caps), can also cause wear and tear.

* The location in the mouth: Implants located in the back of the mouth have more wear from regular chewing than those in the front of the mouth. Excessive implant use can cause the implant to fail earlier than planned.

* Routine professional dental cleanings and dental exams: Even if your oral health is perfect, it is important to maintain regular visits to your dentist for a comprehensive exam and cleaning. Your dentist will make sure all is right with your implants and restoration.

* Pre-existing medical conditions: Patients who have pre-existing conditions, like cancer or diabetes have a greater risk of their dental implant failing.

Full mouth implant treatment offers patients with a long-term and secure solution to tooth replacement. However, how long the treatment lasts will depend on if the implants and restoration are properly cared for. Similar to natural teeth, it is important for dental implants to be brushed and flossed daily. Not caring for your oral health at home can lead to gum disease which can threaten the not only the implants but all of the surrounding tissues in the mouth. When dental implants and full mouth restorations are well-maintained with good oral hygiene, they can last a lifetime. If your full mouth treatment also involves dental crowns it is important to know that crowns typically last between 10 to 15 years.

Considering Implant Treatment

For patients considering full mouth dental implant treatment, it is important to do your research and find a dentist with the proper training and experience. Dentists who specialize in implant treatment will use the latest techniques to deliver the best results.


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