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Your smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet you. Not only having a great smile will give you a boost in confidence, but it also contributes to a good oral health, an important part of your general well-being. On the contrary, poor and deteriorating oral health impacts more than just your mouth. It affects your whole life and keeps you from experiencing it to the fullest.

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At Cherrydale Family Dental, you’re always treated like family. We’re always here for you and your needs come first. We love it when our patients tell us they know they are in capable and caring hands.


We love it when our patients tell us they know they are in capable and caring hands. We offer the most affordable price for you with financial options to make it easier than ever for you to have a healthy smile.


We know how hectic life can be. Not only do we make it easy for you to schedule an appointment, we also ensure that you are seen on time and that we make good use of our time together.


With strong passion and honesty, we ensure to help our customers achieve the brightest smiles they could possibly get. We believe in straightforward dentistry with a caring approach. Thus, we help aid the best oral care for you and build a customer relationship that could last for a long time. Get in touch with us for healthier gums and teeth, and a straighter smile to boost your confidence!

Scale & Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is often suggested if you are suffering from periodontal disease, or gum disease. Periodontal disease involves issues with your gums that are bleeding or inflamed. If left untreated long enough periodontal disease can result in the deterioration of the jawbone and eventual loss of the tooth.


Dental bonding is a common, popular, and economical treatment option if you have unwanted gaps between your teeth, cracked teeth, chips in your teeth, decaying teeth or even if you have exposed roots caused by other dental conditions.


dental bridge is an easy solution to replace one or more missing teeth. If you are missing a tooth you may feel self-conscious about your appearance, but the health implications of a missing tooth will go beyond that of your smile.


Dental cleaning is the primary elements for preventative dentistry. The best way to avoid dental problems such as cavities, dental pain, gum disease, and other dental emergencies is to just prevent them altogether.


On any given occasion, you may experience issues with your teeth becoming damaged, decayed, or even less aesthetically pleasing than the neighboring teeth. In these situations, dental crowns can be an excellent solution to restore the surface of your tooth back to a natural look and healthy function.


A dental exam should not be reserved for when you are experiencing tooth pain or had an accident. On the contrary, consistent preventative dental exams and check-ups are the best way to prevent emergency appointments resulting from cavities, gum pain or infections.


Dental fillings are a dental restoration that will restore the function and the integrity of a tooth. There are many dental procedures that can be used to treat tooth decay. One of the most popular forms of treatment is a dental filling.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an incredibly thin plastic coating that we brush onto the chewing surfaces of your molars or back teeth. We do so to add an additional protection and prevent tooth decay.


dental emergency is usually defined as an emergent situation that may include an infection with a broken tooth, a lost filling, an abscess or another dental problem that needs immediate treatment to either stop bleeding or alleviate severe pain.

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a dental practice that addresses oral health for all ages. A family dentist practices a broad range of dental services, from the preventative examinations to dental cleanings to more specific procedures such as fillings, sealants, crowns, bridges, and tooth replacements.


Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing natural teeth and help restore your smile. If you have lost all your natural teeth, whether from tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, replacing missing your teeth will benefit your appearance and your overall health.

Gum Disease & Recession

Gum disease is identified by three progressive stages. The first level of periodontal disease is called gingivitis, followed by a second level called periodontitis. The third, final, and most serious stage of the disease is advanced periodontitis. Diagnosing and treating periodontal disease promptly will stymie and abate the progress.

Night Guards and Mouth Guards

mouth guard or night guard is a protective device or appliance for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, gums, arches, and lips. Mouth guards and night guards are dental appliances that are recommended for a variety of oral health issues, the most common being if you are suffering with TMJ/TMD or Bruxism (teeth grinding).


Pediatric dentistry, also known as children’s dentistry, is the specific branch of dentistry that focuses entirely on the oral health of children. This most often includes children between the ages of 1-11 years old. While it may seem early, it is important to have your child into the staff at Cherrydale Family Dental around their first birthday. Even if they are still teething, it is extremely important for us to have a look at their teeth, gums, soft tissue, and the development of their teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy, also known as a root canal, is a dental procedure that focuses on treating the pulp of a tooth that is infected. The pulp, which is made up of living connective tissue, can get infected when a tooth is cracked, or a cavity has progresses to the point that the infection has spread to the pulp.


dental tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the socket in the alveolar bone. In recent decades, the dental industry has concentrated on doing everything possible to help you maintain your natural teeth. With new medical and technology advances, you now have many new ways of keeping your natural teeth clean and free of bacteria and decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many individuals who suffer from discolored, damaged, or missing teeth feel embarrassed about their smile, often becoming self-conscious and less social to avoid judgment. If you feel this might be happening to you call the professionals at Cherrydale. There might be a life-changing cosmetic dental procedure for you to improve your teeth and then to also return your confidence in your smile.

Dental Inlays & Onlays

Inlays are a type of dental filling that can address cavities and other damage, while onlays are a treatment for more severe damage done to the cusps of a tooth. Inlays and onlays are used primarily in premolars or molars, when the tooth has experienced too much damage to support a simple basic filling, but not enough damage that a crown is necessary.


Invisalign is a dental aligner program that helps with the corrections of a variety of dental problems that involve the alignment of your teeth or jaw. It is based on digitally driven technology, that has been evolving over the last twenty years. Invisalign is a terrific option for some alignment issues, gaps between teeth, crowding and overbites. Invisalign can now resolve the same issues that traditional braces were used for.


Teeth whitening or bleaching is the process of making the color of your teeth lighter. Whitening is often a desirable treatment when your teeth become yellowed, stained, or discolored over time for various reasons and can be easily whitened by changing the intrinsic or extrinsic color of your tooth enamel.


If you are wanting to improve the aesthetic appearance of a tooth or teeth due to the shade, spacing, and even size of your teeth then you are an ideal candidate for porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are an ideal solution to correct any cosmetic issue ranging from discoloration, broken or chipped teeth, tooth spacing, and mild crowding.


All-on-4 is an implant procedure if you are looking for a solution to a fixed restoration of your teeth. This procedure uses four unique dental implants to secure and support the appliance. These four implants can support an entire arch, either your upper or lower jaw full of teeth. The All-on-4 option offers a highly successful alternative if you currently have dentures and are not happy with their performance.


Almost 50 million Americans experience tooth-loss every year. Dental bridges have traditionally been the best option if you are in this situation. However, there have been continue technological advancements regarding different types of dental implants. Dental implants are becoming both a common and popular procedure to restore a missing tooth or teeth.


If you are missing all your teeth, an implant-supported full bridge or full mouth dental implants is a restoration option. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root anchored by a post made of titanium. It is placed in your jawbone and then a crown, a dental bridge or a denture made of acrylic or ceramic is attached. This post delivers stability to your restoration.


An implant-supported denture is a combination of two dental technologies. A traditional denture tray is attached to, stabilized, and secured by surgically placed dental implants. A conventional denture rests on your gums and is secured by adhesive, not dental implants.


Sedation dentistry is the practice of introducing sedation to your procedure. There are various forms of sedation that are available to us, as well as different levels of sedation dentistry. These various types and these different levels of sedation all have their benefits when chosen for different situations.


Sleep apnea occurs when your mouth and pharynx muscles become relaxed while sleeping. When these muscles become too relaxed, the tongue begins to prevent the necessary amount of air from reaching your lungs. If you are suffering from sleep apnea you will wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air.