Full and Partial Dentures
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Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing natural teeth and help restore your smile. If you have lost all your natural teeth, whether from tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, replacing missing your teeth will benefit your appearance and your overall health. Dentures have been a long-standing traditional option if you are looking to replace partial or full portions of your teeth. Dentures will protect exposed gums, increase the functionality of your mouth with no teeth, and allowing you to show off a newly confident and healthy smile.

The team at Cherrydale Family Dental prides ourselves in working with all members of the family, from infant to teenager to parents to grandparents. We find satisfaction in watching a patient grow, mature, and remain a Cherrydale patient. If you have any questions at all regarding full or partial dentures, simply call Cherrydale Family Dental at 703-243-8288. You can find us at 4399 Old Dominion Drive, Arlington, VA, 22312.



What Exactly are Dentures?

It is considered a field of dentistry focused on the restoration of unsightly or missing teeth back to a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing condition. Cherrydale Family Dental can achieve this goal by choosing one of several different options, based on your unique treatment plan. We always focus on preserving as much of your natural teeth as possible, to achieve an authentic looking repair, while maintaining and/or improving your surrounding bone and gum tissue.

Types of Dentures Available

  • Full Sets: When you initially consider dentures, you most likely are referring to a complete set. If indeed you receive a full set of dentures you are missing all of your teeth from decay or damage, thus requiring a full mouth of replacement teeth to eat and speak properly and to regain your healthy smile.
  • Partial Sets: If you still have healthy natural teeth or you are considering the possibility of dental implants in your future, you can receive a partial set of dentures. These sets are made to compliment your existing teeth and gums and then can be adjusted as your dental implants are added.

Candidate for Dentures?

If you are experiencing any of the following situations you may be a candidate for denture treatment:

  • You are missing the majority or all your natural teeth.
  • You are experiencing severe tooth decay which is requiring multiple extractions.
  • You lack the necessary jawbone integrity for dental implants.
  • You are suffering from receding gums due to you age or a disease.

The Denture Procedure

Once you and the staff at Cherrydale Family Dental have agreed that dentures will be the best treatment option to restore your smile, there will be several steps necessary in creating your final appliance. The style and type of dentures chosen for your treatment will determine the exact length of the process, but for most traditional full and partial dentures you can expect these steps.

  • Dental Impressions- To make sure your dentures fit comfortably and securely to your gums, we will need to take an impression of your remaining teeth and gums to help create your appliance. If your situation requires any extractions of decayed or damaged teeth, we will need to wait to take impressions until the gums are completely healed so there is no swelling to influence the correct impression.
  • Wax Rims- Next, to correctly measure the bite of your teeth, we will use a set of wax rims. When placing the rims on your mouth, we can gauge how your dentures will need to be formed to achieve a healthy bite once they are in your mouth.
  • Customized Teeth- At some point in your initial appointments, we will allow you to customize your dentures if you wish. By you choosing the size, shape, and shade of teeth to be used, you can achieve the exact look you may have always wanted for your smile.

After gathering all the necessary measurements and details to create your dentures, we will send this information to the dental lab responsible for fabricating your appliance.

  • Trial Fit- To help you get used to your new dentures, we will create a mock-up set to give you an idea of how they will look and feel. This trial helps us make any adjustments needed to the fit and shape of your dentures before creating the final set of full or partial dentures.
  • Final Fitting- After the mock-up set has been approved, the dental lab will create the final partial or full denture designed for your treatment. You will return to our office for a final fitting and to make any last-minute adjustments that might be desired. Your final set of full or partial dentures will be fabricated using porcelain, ceramic or plastic teeth and a strong acrylic base. Your dentures should feel comfortable and secure before leaving this final appointment to prevent any discomfort or soreness.
  • Check-Up Appointment- On an occasion follow up appointments might be necessary if indeed you feel uncomfortable with the fit of your dentures. If your dentures are either too tight or fit loosely, they can cause gum sores and swelling, therefore preventing you from wearing them daily as needed. This of course defeats their purpose. Call Cherrydale Family Dental at the first sign of a problem to avoid discomfort and help your mouth get used to your new dentures quicker.

Caring Properly for Your Dentures

Because your dentures are not surgically inserted into your mouth, there is minimal discomfort expected with a proper fit. It is typical for most upper arch dentures to feel tighter, while the lower dentures fit looser. If you are encountering some difficulty with slightly loose-fitting dentures, there are multiple dental adhesive products available for keeping your dentures tightly in place. If you are experiencing loose fitting dentures that are causing sores, you want to call us for an adjustment.

You should expect to wear your dentures during waking hours and then removing them at night for proper cleaning. You may find the hardest adjustment when starting to wear your dentures is getting into the habit of wearing them every day. Dentures will change your appearance and your chewing habits, possibly causing you to feel slightly self-conscious in the beginning. It is important to be patient during this transition and to remember your dentures will feel more natural the more they are worn on a regular daily basis.


Quality Dental Care for ALL Family Members

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