Scale and Root Planing Cost

There are number of factors that can influence a scale and root planing procedure. First, let us identify why you might need such a procedure, the extent of the procedure itself and the options exercised based on the health and condition of your teeth and gums.

Why do you need Scale and Root Planing?

Each of us every day, no exceptions, generate millions of bacteria in our mouths. If not removed, the bacteria create a sticky substance that sticks to your teeth called plaque. The plaque collects more bacteria, sugars and acids that are also present in your mouth. If you allow the plaque to remain on your teeth the plaque immediately begins attacking the enamel resulting in cavities. Due to this natural occurrence, the health industry strongly suggests you brush your teeth twice a day. This simple habit will keep up with the plaque by removing it daily. If you neglect this simple function, or do not do an adequate job brushing, the plaque will proceed down to and under the gum line. Now the same plaque quickly infects the soft tissue of the gums which results in gum disease. If you have experienced this the only way to eliminate the gum disease is to remove the source, that being the plaque on your teeth, above and below the gum line. This is what scaling and root planing is.

The Scale and Root Planing Procedure and the Costs Involved

A standard professional teeth cleaning can range between $75 to $200. This is preventative procedure you should have completed twice a year. If you do not, then that might be the first step in necessitating your deeper scaling. The dentist or hygienist will use same hand tool to manually scrape the plaque from each tooth. Sometimes an ultrasonic tool is preferred which has a vibrating head that will also chip away the plaque and the stubborn tartar. X-rays may be necessary to identify the extent of the damage below the surface. That could add $25 to $250. If the plaque is extensive, it might be beneficial to add a local anesthetic to numb your soft tissue to control your discomfort. This addition service starts at $300. If your case is extreme, it might be necessary to add antibiotic injections to help your healing process. This can add $30 to $90 per tooth. So, depending on the amount of damaging plaque to be removed, the scaling and root planing procedure may cost as little as $400 or climb to $4,000 for your entire mouth.

The Benefit of Scale and Root Planing

Gum disease is unpleasant. From the initial swelling to the sagging pockets around the teeth to the discoloration to the increased tenderness, about half of the adults in America suffer from some stage of gum disease. Preventable by just taking more time at home with your oral hygiene habits. The benefit of the procedure is straightforward, it is the best way to stop and reverse gum disease. Upon completion it is your reset point to focus on exercising and maintaining your good habits at home. Then compliment your work by scheduling an examination with your dentist twice a year. They will proactively professionally clean your teeth after each exam. Your teeth, your gums, and your smile, will all appreciate you taking such small methodical steps in taking care of your mouth.

Scale and Root Planing Risks