How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost

When it comes to dental bonding, it can refer to different procedures. Each one has different steps and different costs associated with those techniques. When the dentist recommends dental bonding be sure to clarify how the dentist intends to use bonding to treat your dental issue.

Direct Composite Bonding

A tooth-colored composite resin made from white and natural tooth colored material is used by dentists to repair minor chips, cracks, fill cavities, minimize gaps between teeth, and fortify edges of teeth that have been worn down. To make these repairs and changes, the dentist will place the composite putty where the tooth needs the added material and then shape the putty to fit the tooth and the surrounding area in your mouth. The putty is hardened into place by the use of an ultraviolet light or laser. This type of dental restoration requires the dentist to be precise; consequently, the dentist can start and complete this procedure in one office visit. More complicated cases with multiple teeth may require more than one visit to ensure the dentist can spend the appropriate amount of time to give you the results you were looking to achieve.

When you are looking to make over your smile but you are hoping to avoid invasive surgery and orthodontics, the dentist can apply the composite resin directly to the surfaces of the teeth. This procedure may be referred to as direct composite veneers by dentists or dental bonding by many people. It is a less expensive way to change your teeth color, shape, size, and spacing without costly crowns or veneers.

If you are looking to use dental bonding for metal free crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, inlays, onlays, or fillings, then the dentist will use the dental bonding to attach a restoration to the tooth. First the dentist will apply an etchant to roughen the surface of the tooth and allow the bonding material to adhere better. After applying the bonding agent and the adhesive, then the dentist can apply the restoration and set it in place using a curing light.


It is not simple to determine the cost for dental bonding because it refers to more than one type of procedure and can be used in combination with other treatments to address oral health issues and cosmetic adjustments. If you are using dental bonding to apply a crown in place, there will not be a separate fee for using dental bonding to secure the crown on the damaged tooth. The dentist will include the cost of the dental bonding in the procedure fee. If you are using dental bonding for a direct composite veneer to change the aesthetics of your smile, the cost is still not clear or simple to determine. The price is set by the dentist’s experience and training, where you are located in the country, and the dentist’s reputation within the cosmetic dentistry field. The cost will also be affected by the complexity of your procedure, the location of the tooth in your mouth, and the number of teeth being treated.

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