How Long Does an Implant Supported Bridge Last

An implant-supported bridge is very much like a traditional bridge. Instead of using two dental crowns placed on the adjacent teeth for support, implant-supported bridges are supported and stabilized by small titanium posts surgically implanted in your jawbone. The number of tiny posts necessary will be determined by the span or length of the bridge.

If you are considering an implant supported bridge, you should also be aware of their proposed life expectancy. With the initial implant surgery and the increased cost associated with the procedure, you need to be comfortable that it is the right solution for you. Then you can proceed with complete confidence. The implant supported bridge can easily last for several decades, and sometimes, an entire lifetime. The life span is dependent on you.

Maintenance of Your Implant Supported Bridge

An implant supported bridge is considerably stronger than a traditional bridge, which is totally supported by the adjacent crowns. The implant supported bridge is secured by the implants which function as artificial roots. This bridge is permanent and is not at all removable. Since it cannot be removed for cleaning, sometimes particles of food might go unnoticed. This means your daily maintenance is especially important, so any food does not get trapped between your teeth. If not removed, damaging bacteria will develop immediately.

Cleaning Your Bridge Every Day

Just like your natural teeth, a dental bridge must be brushed twice each day. When brushing around the implants, you might need to be gentle and careful. It is crucial to remove all bacteria from these areas. Any tiny buildup will result in gum disease or gum irritation. That will escalate into further dental health problems.

Consistent Oral Care

You need to see your dentist consistently. This collaborative team effort will keep your bridge clean and healthy. Any potential issues will be identified with an exam. Your dentist, with their training and experience, will notice and identify issues that you cannot. These issues might not be displaying any symptoms. Preventative dental visits every six months will maintain your bridge and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Now your implant supported bridge will last for an exceptionally long time.

Your Overall Health

With the implant supported bridge, your jawbone must maintain integrity to support, secure, and stabilize the implants. If your jawbone lacks proper nutrition, it can get weaker. If your jawbone loses density, then the implants will lose their support and can fail.

Eating the right food is always important. It is essential for you to maintain a nutritious diet which includes fresh foods that have vitamins. Vitamin D is beneficial since it enhances bone strength.
You should also do your best to avoid sugary or acidic foods. In excess they are often unhealthy. These foods can also affect the stability of your implants. The sugars naturally boost bacteria.

Jawbone Stimulation

If your jawbones are not used consistently, atrophy will occur. This means a loss of density and integrity. To keep your jaws strong, you should bite and chew crunchy foods often. This will stimulate the jawbone through the implants, helping to maintain healthy bone integrity.

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