How Long Do Implant Supported Dentures Last

Nobody wants to lose all their natural teeth, but circumstances arise that lead to many people living without any natural teeth. In fact, roughly 40 million adults in the US have no teeth of their own. While modern dentistry provides solutions to avoid tooth loss from occurring, there are also several solutions when teeth are lost.

In order to live life as normal, something should be done when the teeth in one or both jaws are lost. Often the go to option, dentures provide a practical and affordable solution for most people. Dentures create issues because they sit on the gums and need suction to stay in the mouth. Over time, this can cause the gums to change shape and the denture will not fit as securely.
Using dental implants to support dentures is a solution for many of the issues associated with traditional dentures. People considering implant supported dentures often want to know how long the prosthesis will last. While the lifespan of the restoration will vary from patient to patient, in general, implant supported dentures last between 10 to 20 years.
To maximize the longevity of their prosthesis, there are several things patients can do.


Only a dentist should remove implant supported dentures. Because they are not taken out at night or for cleaning, it is easy for food particles and bacteria to get trapped in the devices and go unnoticed. Maintenance is critical because failure to remove the debris can lead to bacteria forming around the denture which negatively affects their longevity.

Daily Cleaning Habits

Much like natural teeth, implant retained dentures should be brushed two times per day. Particular attention should be paid to the gumline and areas around the implants when brushing. Sound cleaning is vital as even the slightest buildup of bacteria can cause gum irritation, lead to disease, and negatively affects both oral health and the longevity of the dentures as well.

Regular Dentist Visits

Since implant supported dentures are only to be removed by a dentist, patients will need to visit the dentist periodically to have the dentures taken out, the area cleaned, and an evaluation performed to identify any issues. The dentist will have access to areas that are not visible or otherwise accessible when the dentures are being worn. This helps maximize the longevity of the implants and dentures.

Overall Health

Implant supported dentures rely on the strength of the patient’s jawbone to remain in ideal condition. If the jawbone becomes too weak to support implants, it may be necessary to remove the implants. As such, maintaining overall health is important to extending the lifespan of the denture.

Type of Foods Consumed

To ensure the bones remain strong enough to support implants, it is important to stick to a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin D is particularly important for bone strength. In addition to being generally unhealthy, sugary, acidic, hard, or sticky foods should be minimized as they can lead to premature wear on the dentures.

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