How Long Do Dental Implant Treatments Take?

If you’re considering getting a Arlington dental implant virginia treatment, then you might have come across conflicting information about exactly how long an implant treatment might take.

Often a combination of at least two smaller procedures is needed for an optimal and successful implant treatment. But there are various factors that go into assessing what will work best for a patient, so because each case is different exactly how long a dental implant treatment is actually different for different people.


There is always first an initial consultation, but the first time you will enter an a dental clinic for the initial implant dental treatment is for a full oral exam. This exam will include X-rays and usually a 3D scan so that the dentist can get a comprehensive overall view of the specific things that need to be done for you. From this exam a comprehensive treatment plan can be developed based on the specific dental needs you have.

The Surgical Procedure

If you are not in need of any bone augmentation and/or any sinus grafting before the fitting for your implants the first step following the exam is to place and secure the implant (a small titanium rod) into your jawbone. This surgical procedure can take anywhere between one to two hours for each implant; and then, when this process is finished typically a temporary crown will be fitted by the implant dentist.

Recovery Period

There is not actually a standard ‘recovery time’ from the surgery itself to be expected with implant dental surgery, but you can expect some mild bruising and swelling. The time in recovery for the dental implant process is instead, more about the times needed for the bone fusion process. This process is technically known as osseointegration, and happens when bone tissue that the implant has been placed into begins to fuse and merge with the implant. When this occurs super-strong platform is created. In regards to the amount of time needed for this process, that depends on each individual’s healing capabilities. Sometimes the process may take only 4-6 weeks for the osseointegration to happen, and other times it can take up to 12 weeks for osseointegration to occurs for some people.

Fitting of the Abutment

Once the dentist is confident that the bone fusion has occurred the next step is to go for another surgery in order to have a component, that is socket shaped and known as the abutment, fitted. Abutments act as shock absorbing connectors between permanent crown and the implant. The placement involves exposing the implant again by uncovering the gum. Once the implant has been fitted the crown gets cemented in its place onto the abutment. In some cases the crown placement is done during the same procedure as the abutment fitting and other times patients will come back for a separate placement.


From the initial consultation to the full medical exam and surgery, and into the abutment fitting and crown and placement procedures the overall time needed for a full dental implant procedure can take anywhere from 3-9 months, depending on the individual case circumstances and healing capabilities of each patient.

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