Gummy Smile Treatments

No one likes having a gummy smile. If you have a gummy smile, you’ve likely considered undergoing some sort of treatment to address it. You may not know which treatments are available, though. You also may not have considered what caused the gummy smile in the first place, and whether you need treatment for oral health reasons.

Below is more information about gummy smile causes, treatments, and whether or not treatment is “needed.”

Is a Gummy Smile an Issue?

A gummy smile can be an issue for some. With that said, the issue is generally cosmetic. A gummy smile can be an indicator of an underlying oral health issue, but it isn’t always. Instead, many patients are considering treatment due to how their gummy smile makes them feel—which is very valid. If you feel self-conscious about your gummy smile, it can affect your mood and confidence. Gummy smile treatment can help to boost your mood and overall self-confidence.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

There are a few causes for a gummy smile. Some of these include:

* Overgrowth of gum tissue
* A short upper lip
* Overgrowth of the upper jaw
* An overactive muscle that raises the upper lip
* Teeth that are smaller due to genetic factors or wear

Generally, a gummy smile is a genetic condition. Because of this, there is no “preventative care” that will prevent the formation of a gummy smile.

Gummy Smile Treatments

There are quite a few treatment options for a gummy smile. Some of these include:

* Crown lengthening. Many dentists opt for crown lengthening to treat a gummy smile. Crown lengthening (gum reshaping) involves the removal of excessive gum tissue to allow more of the crown to show. This, in turn, treats the gummy smile.
* Dental crowns or veneers. Dental crowns and veneers are great options for many patients that have gummy smiles. They are able to change the shape and size of the tooth they are installed on, which improves the overall look of the tooth and gums.
* Orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments like braces and aligners help to shift the bite of the patient. This, in turn, can make the gums appear less prominent.
* Surgery. Jaw surgery and lip repositioning surgery are common solutions for the treatment of a gummy smile. Your dentist will be able to determine which form of surgery will be required to treat your specific condition.

How Much Does a Gummy Smile Cost to Fix?

There is no fixed cost of treating a gummy smile. This is because the different treatments that may be available to you have different costs associated with them. The number of teeth you need to be treated will also affect the overall cost of treatment.

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How Do You Fix a Gummy Smile